Meet the team


Ed has over 11 years experience working with all different types of garden equipment and engines.

His fascination with mechanics began at around age 3: "Being brought up in a very handy family meant there were always lawnmowers, stationary engines, cars - pretty much anything and everything to be worked on and played with. I learnt from a young age how to take engines apart and put them back together. I really enjoy learning how things work, how they're made and how I can improve them"

Ed is our chief mechanic, head of parts and excellent tea maker. He really is lucky as his job is his hobby, but any extra time and you'll find him restoring one of our vintage scooters.


Timmy joined the family in November '19 and things have never been the same since! In his spare time Timmy enjoys modelling hats, snoods and jumpers for the canine fashion market.

"Everyday with Timmy is an interesting one - he seems to have an opinion on absolutely everything" - Tasha

"Timmy is so inquisitive, he is always coming and sniffling over everything I am working on. We had to use him as our main inspiration and mascot" - Ed

Timmy is in charge of quality control, making sure each and every job is completed to our high standards, you may get to meet him on collection or drop off of your equipment!


Tasha suggested TBGM to Ed, she has a lot of motivation and great ideas.

"I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them, I really want to know everyone's story - I find it inspiring. I love being creative, this opportunity with our new venture has allowed me to really stretch that muscle and I am excited to see what I can dream up as we develop"

Tasha is our head of marketing, manager of admin and helps Ed lift and move all heavier items, in what free time she has, she enjoys weightlifting at the gym!

Our Story

Timothy Brown servicing and repairs of garden machinery has been a long time in the making, husband and wife team Ed & Tasha finally decided to take the plunge and open up their services beyond friends & family officially in July 2020.

Ed having over 10 years experience working with all types of garden equipment, Tasha having over 10 years experience managing Ed and Timmy the dog being head of quality control, this team makes for an excellent customer experience.


Based in Hedge End, Hampshire we offer a full collection & drop off service.

We are a small family business and so we are able to provide you with a flexible, fast and affordable service.